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¿Where are we?
Otabarna is a Spanish company, placed in Barcelona.
The fishpond of our company is in the commercial area of Mercabarna, near Barcelona. This area is between the El Prat airport and the port of Barcelona, leaving the city by the Ronda Litoral as we see in the map below.

Map of the area
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Once in Mercabarna, we should go to the module 14th of the Longitudinal 8 Street, where we will find the Otabarna's office and fishpond. The map below explains how to get there.

Mercabarna's Map
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Our postal address is:

c/ Longitudinal 8, Pavellón Multiservicio, Módulo 14
08040 BARCELONA (Barcelona, Spain)

2003 Otabarna S.A. - c/Longitudinal, 8 - Mod. 14 Mercabarna 08040 BARCELONA
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